Rebounding and Children... just pure jumping pleasure for children
12.02.2013 13:27


As I think of how the trampoline affected me as a child I come up with a list of reasons why the trampoline was so beneficial to me during my growing up years. 
#1 As a child I think that the trampoline gave me a boost of self esteem and self confidence.  Every time I learned a new trick it made it so much easier to try something else.  I think this has helped me in my everyday life by knowing if I try something long enough and practice at it that I can achieve success. 
#2 The trampoline created great moments in forming friendships and creating socializing time.
#3 I loved sleeping on the trampoline.  By doing so I was able to fall asleep looking up at the stars, planets and galaxies!  It was a great chance to relax and look at the creations of the Almighty.
#4 The trampoline was a great way to give off some energy and keep me fit and healthy at the same time.  I can recount spending many hours on the trampoline.  This had to be beneficial to me as a child!
Overall the trampoline was a good thing for my childhood experience.  Of course you want to follow the safety guidelines so that your experience will be a good one as was mine on thetrampoline.  Even though I’m 30, talking about all the fun I had as a child on the trampoline makes me want to get out there and jump!  Happy Jumping!
P.S.  I can still do a back flip!  


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