The Trampoline, a Friend Maker
14.02.2013 14:12
I grew up in a big city with lots of people.  When I was about 12 years old I got the most disappointing news that family was to move to a small city.  As I told my close friends of this sad news one of them that was from a small town told me of a little secret to be able to make new friends.
My friend explained to me about the trampoline.  Living in the city I really didn’t have much experience with the trampoline.  My friend said that by owning a trampoline that it would be an instant friend maker.  He explained that a trampoline is like our city hangout.  With a trampoline it’s a hang out place where you play, talk and have sleep over’s. 
We finally moved and my parents purchased a trampoline.  I was surprised to actually see that I made more friends in a month then I had made living in the previous city.  We had so much fun on that trampoline with countless nights of looking up at the stars.  I’m now converted to the trampoline and the fun and friendships it’s helped me form.


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